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Terms of Use

Terms of Use
(last updated 9/10/07)

The following terms apply to you and your use of the WheelerAlumni.com web site. You are required to agree to these terms to become a part of the WheelerAlumni.com community. Violation of these terms may lead to termination of your access and exclusion from future use of this web site.

  1. This site is owned and operated by the Wheeler High Alumni Association, Inc. (WHAA) as a service to former students, faculty and staff of Joseph Wheeler High School, located in Marietta, Georgia, USA. If you did not attend WHS, then you are not permitted to register here. We utilize a peer voucher system to verify the identity of each and every registrant.  If you didn't attend WHS, then none of us are going to vouch for you and you won't be granted access. So don't waste your time trying to register if you don't belong here. If you do not agree to the terms of use or message board rules or have a problem abiding by them, you are not permitted to be on wheeleralumni.com.
  2. Access to this site does not constitute membership in WHAA, nor does membership in WHAA guarantee access to this web site.† Access to this site is a privilege, not a right. Only registered Alumni or Staff are allowed access to the website. Do not share your user name and/or password with anyone, including family. Sharing your user name and password will result in the loss of access to the site.
  3. Incognito or fictitious names are not allowed. It is useless being listed if your friends cannot identify you, and we get concerned regarding your motives.
  4. False, fictitious or otherwise misleading contact and personal information is not allowed.  You may elect to withhold some of your personal information from the general community, but you must provide accurate contact information so that you can be reached for reunion planning and other alumni business.  You must supply and maintain a correct postal and e-mail address. This means you can not have a partial mailing address. You must supply a valid house number, street name, city, state, and zip code. Other information (such as a telephone number) is not required, but if you supply them they must be valid. To have access to the web site you must provide a current, functioning email address. If we find that your email address is not valid, your access to the web site will be suspended until the matter is corrected.
  5. You agree not to use your access to WheelerAlumni.com for any commercial purpose with the exception of professional planning of a class reunion (for this you must have written permission from our ). You may not advertise, advocate or otherwise promote any business in which you have a personal financial interest on the WheelerAlumni.com message board.
  6. We do not allow junk mailing of our members or solicitations for commercial purposes. WHAA does not sell these lists and we appreciate you not doing so either. Alumni are not to access other Alumni information for anything other than Alumni related business. Alumni may also not use the website for any illegal activity, including violation of Data Privacy Laws. Anyone found to be violating such laws will be subject to civil and/or criminal prosecution. If you identify any security issue with the website you are to notify the site webmaster (WHAAWebmaster@wheeleralumni.com) immediately without demonstrating the problem to anyone else.
  7. You agree not to publish information found in the directory, message board or other parts of this site without obtaining written permission from WHAA. Everything on this site is covered by US copyright law and unauthorized replication of any of it is subject to criminal prosecution. You also agree not to post any copyrighted material on this site without the permission of the copyright holder. Quotes must be limited to no more than two paragraphs and must give appropriate credit to the original author and/or link to the original article. Reposting messages from this message board to other web sites will result in expulsion from our message board.
  8. You agree to keep your contributions to this site within the conventions of good taste. We don't prowl the site looking for inappropriate material, such as profanity, explicit sexual content, or racial slurs, but if someone brings something to our attention, we will act on it. Basically, if it isnít allowed on prime-time network television, then it isnít allowed here.
  9. By submitting your personal, reunion and any other information to us, you, the end user, are thereby granting to WHAA a royalty-free, worldwide, non-terminable, exclusive license to use this information and your exact words (and excerpts and edited versions of your submission) in all media, and you waive all claims against WHAA for any violations of rights of privacy, publicity, and defamation or other personal torts arising from WHAA's use of the information in such media. No payments shall be due to you for such grant of rights.
  10. WHAA reserves the right to refuse membership or access to anyone who we feel is abusing the service or exploiting it in a way that is detrimental to WHAA or our members. Alumni who are identified as a security risk to wheeleralumni.com will be denied access to the site.
  11. Letís keep things good-natured here on this site. Personal attacks, flame-wars, harassment, personal feuding and all other forms of malicious personal conflict are prohibited on this site. If it started on another website, it needs to stay on that website. If you want to have it out with someone, take it elsewhere. We don't want to read it.
  12. WHAA reserves the right to update, amend or expand these conditions at will.  Registered alumni agree to abide by all current Terms of Use.


Persons found to be in violation of these terms are subject to temporary or permanent loss of access privileges.

Notice of violations will be sent privately via email. Appeals may be made within ten days of such notice by emailing the Communications Committee Chairperson at . All decisions of the Committee Chair are final.

This site is administered by alumni volunteers that donate their time and effort for make WheelerAlumni.com what it is. We ask that you respect these folks for what they do, as they only do it for the satisfaction they get by helping you and others.

All material on this site Copyright © 1999-2017 WHAA and Greysteele Systems.
World rights reserved.