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Terms of Use

Class Webmaster Program

If you are computer-literate and have the time and energy to help out, then you can be an active part of this web site.  Each graduating class can designate a person to help manage their part of the web site.  We call those individuals Class Webmasters.  A Class Webmaster is the primary point of contact via email for their graduating class.  They monitor the Alumni Registry and Message Board to assure that everything runs smoothly.  They are also responsible for the Photo Gallery and Event Calendar.  They represent their class' reunion committee here on the web site. 

To become a Class Webmaster, you should:

  • Be comfortable using the web and have an email address.  You will have to use your computer's web browser to submit and update information for inclusion on the web site.  You will also be responsible for responding to email queries from your classmates in a friendly and timely manner.  

  • Have a computer scanner and know how to use it.  You will be responsible for adding and managing digital photographs.  In order to do that, you must be willing and able to scan materials (whether sent to you by others or that you may have) and post them on the web site for others to enjoy.  These will include 'now' and 'then' pictures of classmates for the Alumni Registry as well as photos for the Photo Gallery.

  • Have a copy of your senior yearbook.  One of your first tasks will be to scan the entire senior section of the yearbook from your graduating year.  The photos you scan will be used for your classmates.  If you also have earlier yearbooks, that will help to fill gaps and provide pictures of classmates who did not appear in the senior book.

  • Be willing and have the time to:

    • Serve as the primary email contact for your class.  You will need to answer questions, send out bulletins and provide limited support for fellow classmates. 

    • Monitor the Message Board area and Alumni Registry.  In a perfect world, there would never be a need to delete inappropriate messages or duplicate (or even bogus) alumni registrations.  Unfortunately, it is necessary so someone has to keep an eye on these things.  

    • Update the Event Calendar pages and Photo Gallery.  Each class has it's own section to publish information about reunions and other gatherings, as well as pictures from our younger days.  You will be responsible for managing these areas. 

A bonus would be familiarity with HTML (the language used to create web pages).  Major events, such as reunions sometimes require a bit more than simple text to convey the message with style.  The ability to design a web page helps deliver the information with some zip. 

If you are interested in representing your class in this elite cadre, then email our site webmaster

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